Top Things to Do in Barcelona For Free

Barcelona is a beautiful city with many interesting attractions that one might visit. However, the estimation of your budget may be a little higher than initially expected.

You can plan your trip months ahead in order to find the best flight deals to Barcelona and also find out about all the interesting things you can do while there, for free. In addition, you can purchase one T10 travel card that will significantly reduce the costs of your everyday transportation with any public transport that you will choose.

Free Museums

If you want to explore some of the most prestigious museums in the city, but don’t want to spend your whole budget there, there is another alternative. The best time to find all the museums that offer free entrance is on Sunday afternoons. This list will include the Museum Picasso and the MUHBA. Find out more about them and decrease your budget by much.

Festival Season

If the dates of your trip are flexible, then you can choose to travel to Barcelona during late September, when the Festes de la Merce initiates. This is a five-day festival that includes free concerts, dancing, and many more vibrant attractions that will make you have the time of your life. All these concerts and lives are hosted outside and are of course free for everyone.

Architectural Scenery

Most of Barcelona’s finest architectural buildings have a certain fee in order to allow you to admire their inside as well. However, there are several impressive monuments that have free of charge entrance. Visit Gaudi’s cathedral La Sagrada Família, or three amazing buildings one next to each other, on the Passeig de Gràcia. Here, you will find amazing architectural structures like the Casa LleóMorera, Gaudí’s Casa Batlló and the Casa Amatller.

A Day at the Beach

If you are visiting Barcelona during the warm summer months, then you cannot miss a beautiful day by the beach. While admiring the beauty all around you and the sandy beach, this is another great way to spend your entire trip with less money. Barceloneta is the most famous beach since it has golden shore and numerous restaurants all around. The Forum area is less crowded if you prefer a quieter place.

Whatever you do, there is always way to arrange a low budget trip and have an amazing time. Start searching for some cheap flights and go through these helpful tips in order to visit this beautiful city, without having to spend much. It is best to spend your budget into some beautiful restaurants and attractions, rather than expensive hotels and flights.