Tips to Help You Take Better Travel Photos

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram to see beautiful photos taken by travelers just like yourself and wondered why your own travel shots don’t look as glamorous and inviting? While some of the photos you are looking at will have been taken using professional camera equipment, the majority of them were taken using camera phones, likely just like the one you’re using to read this article.

If you’re looking to improve your travel photo game, below are some great tips to get you started.

  1. Clean Your Lens!

One of the most common reasons for badly taken photos is simply that the lens was dirty. Instead of just removing your phone from your pocket and just taking a picture, take a couple of seconds to clean the lens of dirt and grime. While you are there, be sure to clean the flash too.

  1. Wait it Out

If you see something which you think would make a good photo if it wasn’t for the light, wait until it changes. If you are at a beach full of people, wait for an opportune moment where the sand and water are empty. Whatever the scenario, don’t walk away just because everything isn’t aligned right away.

  1. Don’t be Shallow

If you notice one commonality between the popular photos on Instagram, it’s that they all have depth. This helps to give the picture a more inviting feel. To do this, look for a shot where there are two to three objects at varying distances. Using these helps to show depth of your scenery and prevent flat photos.

  1. Move Things Around

Similar to our tip #2, if you arrive at a location where you can see the potential for a great photo, don’t be afraid to change things until the scene looks just right. Remember that you aren’t taking photographs to document nature or your life, you are taking them to produce great shots which you and other people can enjoy.

  1. Turn off the Flash!

Your phone’s small flash isn’t going to cut it when it comes to lighting up your scene, so it’s best not to ruin a good photo by using it. Either turn your flash off if it isn’t up to the task, or head to the Groupon Coupons page for Canon and pick up an attachable flash which can perform the task you need.

  1. Editing Is Not Cheating

If you think that all of the photos you are looking at were taken naturally, then you are in for a surprise. Many, if not all photographers who upload their shots to Instagram and similar photo sharing sites adjust their photos until they feel they are just right. Look through your app store for a photo editing tool which offers some features that you like.

Taking, editing, and sharing your photos is a great pastime and one which is very rewarding for yourself and those looking at your pictures. The next time that you are out and about, even just walking around your local streets, keep these tips in mind and watch how much your photo taking skills improve.