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Here’s Why Summer Camp is Good for Your Kids

You are unlikely to be surprised to hear of the benefits of attending summer camp, if you’ve ever been to one. But you may not know just how wonderful the experience can be for kids if you didn’t attend camp as a kid. The children have opportunities to learn new stuff, enjoy playing all kind of games, make friends, and grow in so many ways, ultimately. Check out these 5 reasons why you’ll want to send your children to camp, if you’re still on the fence about it:

They get physically active

Today, kids spend way too much time inside just sitting. This physically inactivity is no good at all for them. At camp, children are constantly in action–as they should be–as they get busy swimming, running, hiking, jumping and playing all manner of sports. Being physically active is great not just for their physical growth, but also mental and emotional maturity.
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Unplugging from tech
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Summer camp offers an opportunity to get away from tech–internet, TV, and mobile devices which consumes so much of today’s kids’ time. When children break free from their technology bubble, they get to interact with real people, in the real world. They engage in real activities that push them to unleash their creative powers. And they also hit the realization that there’s a lot more going in the world, besides tech.

Social skills

At camp, kids have to learn how to work as team players rather than all for themselves. They learn to let go of their selfish agenda and put the common good of the group first. And after having gone through some conflict situations at the camp, they also acquire skills to deal with such situations. And they obviously get to make some good friends. Many of the social skills kids acquire in their interactions can only come through experience–they cannot be taught.

They acquire life-long practical skills

Besides the social skills they develop at camp, they also acquire highly valuable skills. Camps typically provide great instructional material plus facilities and teachers that will help nurture their artistic abilities, sporting prowess, and practical skills that are useful in everyday situations. As almost every camp is themed, you can always find one that’s just right for your child’s natural interests or abilities.

Mental and emotional growth

Kids get to try out many things they may have never tried before, and in doing so, push themselves out of their comfort zones. They also get lots of nurturing and encouragement to help them conquer their fears and get past their setbacks. Since the environment at the camp isn’t overly structured like school, the kids experience much less pressure or fear of failure.